Crown Use of Extrajudicial Measures

Extrajudicial measures are non-court responses to youth crime. They are usually used by police. Extrajudicial measures can also be used by Crown Counsel.

Crown Counsel = Government lawyers who prosecute crime. In BC, Crown Counsel decide what crime a person is charged with. Police make the arrest and Crown decide the charge. Both Crown and police investigate crime to gather evidence.

Crown Counsel first consider how serious the crime was to decide when to use extrajudicial measures. They want to understand what harm has been done. They will also consider the youth’s criminal record. Usually, Crown only use extrajudicial measures for less serious offences and when the youth has no (or very little) criminal activity. In Canada, extrajudicial measures are used in 10% of youth crime cases brought to Crown.

Crown may issue a Crown Caution which is usually in the form of a letter to the youth and to the youth’s parents. Crown may also issue a referral to an extrajudicial sanction, which you will learn about in the next section.

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May, 2022
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