Extrajudicial Measures Assignment

Completion of the following self-directed activity will help you to further explore and understand extrajudicial measures.

Read the following scenarios and think about what you would recommend for either an extrajudicial measure or an extrajudicial sanction. Possible actions could include:

  • Warning: Police can warn youth offenders about their actions.
  • Caution: Police or Crown can talk to parents and write a formal caution
  • Referral to a community agency: Police or Crown can refer youth to a youth crime program in the community.
  • Arrest the youth: Police can arrest and detain youth. Crown decide what crime to charge the youth.

Crime: Theft

Youth Name & Age: Jackie 13

Circumstances: Jackie and her friend Barb (also 13) are walking home from school. They see a parked car with keys in the ignition. They jump in and Jackie drives them around town.

Outcome: Police stop the car for speeding and discover it is not their car.



Crime: Impaired Driving

Youth Name & Age: David 16

Circumstances: David has been in and out of several foster homes. He has a driver’s license. One day, he drinks alcohol and then takes his parent’s car.

Outcome: Police stop the car because of bad driving. David is arrested for impaired driving.



Crime: Uttering Threats

Youth Name & Age: Kevin 17

Circumstances: Kevin and Stacey (15) are dating. She accuses him of flirting with another girl and they start arguing. Kevin threatens to beat Stacey if she won’t shut up.

Outcome: Police hear the arguing and step in as Kevin is about to hit Stacey. He is detained.



Crime: Mischief

Youth Name & Age: Monica 16

Circumstances: Monica works at a clothing store. One day she has a disagreement with her boss. Monica is angry and later that night, she spray paints the store windows. Monica has never been in trouble with the law before.

Outcome: Someone calls the police and as they pull up, Monica is spray painting the store. She is detained.



Crime: Theft, Assault

Youth Name & Age: Van 15

Circumstances: Van tries to buy a package of cigarettes, but the clerk asks for ID. They argue and Van punches the clerk in the face and takes a pack of cigarettes.

Outcome: Based on the clerk description, the police stop Van and detain him.

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